HIV cases are rising alarmingly in Pakistan.

Pakistan has experienced an alarming rise in HIV cases over the past ten months, according to the most recent data. There are 9,7773 HIV-positive individuals at this time. Questions about the success of HIV prevention and control efforts are raised by this spike in cases. This has sparked speculation that the authorities in charge of health are unable to contain the disease.

“Every month, more or less 1,000 new HIV cases are being reported from all four provinces, capital Islamabad, Azad Kashmir, and Gilgit Baltistan,” reads the official press release. Expert healthcare specialists and infectious disease specialist Dr. Faisal Mehood stated that same-gender sexual acts and their prevalence in men are one of the primary reasons for the increase in cases of HIV in the country. This clearly indicates that HIV is now spreading to the general population from the key populations of people who inject drugs, male, female, and transgender sex workers. In addition to all of this, the primary factor is the inadequate measures taken by Infection Prevention and Control.

He stated, “One of the largest key populations in which HIV is rapidly spreading in Pakistan is MSM (sexual relationship between men).” Dr. Mehmood added, “Secondly, poor infection prevention and control is the primary reason for the increase in HIV cases in the country. If this continues, Pakistan will swarm with cases of both HIV and Hepatitis C, as the means of transmission for both diseases are the same.”HIV cases are rising alarmingly in Pakistan.

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