IPL is rocked by a massive corruption scandal right before the new season begins.

A shocking admission of fraud has shaken the Indian Premier League (IPL), which is regarded as the largest and most lucrative cricket league in the world.

Neeraj Kumar, India’s former anti-corruption chief, has revealed how officials defrauded cricketers of thousands of rupees in order to secure a spot in the IPL.

According to Neeraj Kumar’s most recent book, “A Coup in Cricket,” such incidents are frequent and frequently occur at the grassroots level.

In addition, the former anti-corruption chief stated that during his three-year tenure (2015-2018), he came to the realization that fixing is only a small part of cricket’s overall corruption problem.

Neeraj continued by expressing his outrage at the lengths to which some coaches and officials would go to exploit young cricket players.

He continued, “I have witnessed instances where coaches and officials have promised young cricketers a place in the IPL team in exchange for a substantial sum of money.”

The cricketing community has been shocked by Kumar’s revelations, and numerous former players and officials have called for an in-depth investigation.IPL is rocked by a massive corruption scandal right before the new season begins.

Previous Indian skipper, Kapil Dev, said, “This is a miserable day for cricket. It is extremely disappointing that such fraudulent activities have tarnished the IPL, a prestigious tournament.



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