Islamabad Police Introduce Digital License Management System

Islamabad Police Introduce Digital License Management System

Islamabad Police Introduce Digital License Management System. The data of e-challan defaulters and advertising suspects have also been linked to this system. In this case, they will also be deprived of the facilities provided in police service centers along with the driving license.

Digital license management system, payment of 995 Safe City e-challans from 82 defaulters has been ensured so far. According to the details, CPOW and Safe City/Traffic have introduced a modern digital license management system, the data of advertising suspects and e-challan defaulters have been attached to the system, with the aim of arresting the advertising suspects and issuing challans from e-challan defaulters. To ensure payments, the Safe City Command and Control Center sent a list of 145 defaulters to police service centers and traffic police offices.

Out of which 82 defaulters who came to the traffic office to get their driving license paid their 995 e-challan on the spot, while the licenses of the remaining 63 defaulters have been suspended.

CPO Safe City/Traffic said on this occasion. That the newly created Digital License Management System was fully activated on Tuesday 13th December 2023. High Challan defaulters will be deprived of all facilities provided by the police without paying their Challan.

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Additionally, legal requirements are being fulfilled by tracing the vehicles of e-challan defaulters with the help of modern brief cam alerts and safe city cameras in Safe City. Shahri Apna Challan Official website of Islamabad Capital Police On the given link 

Can check by entering the registration number of the vehicle. Challaned vehicle owners can get their challan through Jeez Cash, mobile app or JS. Can be deposited from the bank Wault. Strict legal action will be taken against defaulters in case of non-deposit of challan.

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