Israel trade reports are denied by Pakistan.

A representative for Pakistan’s Business Priest Naveed Qamar on Saturday excused reports of exchange among Pakistan and Israel as “sheer misleading publicity.”

This statement was made in response to claims made by the American Jewish Congress that Pakistani-Jewish businessman Fishel Benkhald had delivered a shipment of food products from Pakistan to Israel. On Twitter, Benkhald posted a video of the spices, dates, and other items he had “exported” to Israel

However, Pakistan’s Commerce Minister claims that the transaction was not supported by the Pakistani government and denies any official trade ties with Israel. Pakistan supports the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and does not recognize Israel as a state.


The spokesperson claims that Benkhald sent the food samples to businessmen in Jerusalem and Haifa “personally” and without permission from the Pakistani government or official channels. The spokesperson also mentioned that traders from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Israel have benefited from the UAE’s recent reduction of tariffs on goods traded with Israel.


Under the Abraham Accords, which were mediated by the Trump administration to normalize relations between Israel and other states in the Middle East, diplomatic ties between the UAE and Israel were established in 2020.


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