Kabul: An explosion at the funeral of the Afghan governor, 11 people were killed

source: photo AFP

Kabul: At least 11 people were killed in an explosion at the funeral of an Afghan acting provincial governor, the Ministry of Interior said, while the militant group Daesh claimed responsibility for the governor’s murder.


According to the news of the foreign news agency ‘AFP’, the law and order situation has improved since the overthrow of the US-backed government in August 2021 and the return of the Taliban to power, but the militant group ISIS is still There is a risk.

The Ministry of Interior said in a statement that more than 30 people were also injured in the explosion during the performance of the funeral prayer of the Acting Governor of Northeastern Badakhshan Province, Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi, while a large number of people were present on the occasion.

In a statement about the explosion in the provincial capital of Faizabad, it was said that the Afghan Ministry of Interior strongly condemns this brutality of the unfortunate enemies.

An AFP journalist near the explosion site said that the Taliban security forces had set up checkpoints around the funeral site in the morning. People fled to the nearby streets as soon as they heard the sound of the explosion. There was panic in the area. The outbreak spread and shops were closed while security forces cordoned off the area.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the killing of Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi on Tuesday when a suicide bomber rammed a car filled with explosives into his vehicle.

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In this attack in Faizabad, their driver was also killed while six other people were also injured.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said on Twitter that it condemns all recent heinous attacks, including this one, with no regard for the lives of civilians.

ISIS has emerged as the biggest security threat to Afghan rulers as the Taliban vows to prevent their territory from becoming a staging ground for global attacks.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for attacks on minority religious groups, foreign embassies, as well as Taliban government officials.




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