Migrant boat sinks in Greece; 17 dead

Migrant boat sinks in Greece
source: File photo

Athens: 117 people drowned after a Migrant boat sinks in Greece sea.

According to the World News Agency, the Migrant boat sinks in Greece could not withstand the strong winds and high waves due to overcrowding. The boat lost balance and overturned.

117 people were on board the boat which drowned in the water. A rescue operation was launched with military aircraft, helicopters and 6 boats.

Rescue personnel pulled 100 people safely from the sea while 17 dead bodies were recovered.

A Coast Guard spokesman says the accident occurred in the Ionian Sea. 4 migrants are in critical condition and were airlifted to a major hospital by helicopter.

No one in the boat was wearing a life jacket. The process of identifying the migrants from the boat accident is going on. Apparently, the migrants were on their way to Italy from Libya.

A coast guard boat rescued a sailboat carrying 80 migrants after it got caught in a whirlpool, according to Greek port police. The boat was towed to port.

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It should be noted that Greece has long been the main landing point for thousands of migrants from Africa and the Middle East who want to reach Europe.



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