Nadia kahf First Hijab-Wearing Judge Appointed to U.S. Superior Court


When she was appointed Nadia kahf First Hijab to the superior court in New Jersey, attorney Nadia Kahf made history by becoming the first head covering judge in the United States (US). Wayne native Kahf is of Syrian descent. She focuses on family law and immigration.


She was presented with a copy of the Qur’an as she was taken into office. According to local media outlets, Governor Phil Murphy submitted Kahf’s nomination for the position more than a year ago. She will be a judge in the Superior Court of Passaic County.

Ramadan in the UAE in 2023: Kahf is not the first Muslim woman to hold the position of state judge, but she is the first to do so while covering her head with a hijab.. Businesses and shops are allowed to operate round-the-clock.

For nearly two decades, Kahf has been an active member of the New Jersey chapter of the non-profit Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which advocates for Muslims’ civil rights in the United States. Now, Kahf is in charge of the organization Nadia kahf First Hijab-Wearing Judge Appointed to U.S. Superior Court.

She likewise fills in as a legitimate guidance for Wafa House, a charitable association in Clifton that gives homegrown maltreatment and social help. She also serves as the Passaic County Islamic Center’s chairperson.



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