New song from kisika bhai kisiki Jaan, Yentamma is to be released tomorrow

Next song from KisiKa Bhai KisiKi Jaan – Yentamma is to be released tomorrow. Another song honouring the rich cultural traditions and ideals of the South. Seems like there will special appearance from Ram Charan Also.

The Yentamma teaser and the two KisiKa Bhai KisiKi Jaan posters have brought much-needed cheer to Salman Khan’s fan base. We anticipate seeing a lot of shocks in the upcoming days.


Chartbusters song Yentamma from KisiKa Bhai KisiKi Jaan going to be best ever in Bollywood industry.  For the first time, a song has Telugu and Hindi lyrics. This song will be very well received by the audiences in both sectors.

In the song “Yentamma,” Salman Khan, Ram Charan, and Venky Mama collaborate to bring you next-level madness.

The Awaited Lungi song from KisiKa Bhai KisiKi Jaan will be out Tomorrow, Titled Yentamma Stars Megastar Salman Khan, Venkatesh and RamCharan (3rd Pic), Super Excited for this one, The Tunes and beats are Looking Catchy!




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