“Over 5,000 harassment cases have been reported in Pakistan  the past five years.”

In the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report, Pakistan is ranked 145 out of 146 countries, with Afghanistan coming in last for the worst performance.


According to the Federal Ombudsman Secretariat for Protection Against Harassment (FOSPAH) report, the organization registered 3,008 harassment cases between 2018 and 2022.


According to the Federal Ombudsman Secretariat’s report, 1,000 courts were designated for women’s cases in 2019 with the goal of making their homes and society safer.


It also stated that 40% of married women also experience harassment and that 32% of women are the victims of violence in gender-based crimes.


Women have been experiencing fear and the extreme psychological impact of the heinous F-9 Park rape in Islamabad since the incident. pakistan harassment cases


Two men with guns allegedly raped a woman in Islamabad’s F-9 park in February of this year. The case surfaced in the news two days leaving the country stunned at the boldness of the crooks who moved toward the person in question — joined by her associate — at the recreation area, as per the primary data report (FIR).


According to Rabia Shahzad Malik, a lawyer who focuses on women’s issues, a number of cases of violence against women have led to convictions, fines, and even life sentences for the perpetrators.


Domestic violence and abuse legislation has also been passed in the interim. The attorney went on to say that 1,000 courts have been set up to hear cases about gender.


Malik also said that public prosecutors will fight these cases for free and won’t reveal the woman’s identity while their cases are being tried in a “short time period.” women rape case


Tasneem Ahmer, an activist who works on women’s issues, stated that children’s education is more important than police training in combating gender-based crimes.


A report from the Islamabad Police says that women officers are now being added to the force and that each police station now has a separate cell for women.


The report added that ladies police groups will watch various areas of the government cash-flow to check violations against ladies.



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