Pakistan Army Chief’s Mission to Resolve Country’s Problems

Pakistan Army Chief's Mission to Resolve Country's Problems
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Islamabad: Army Chief General Syed Aasim Manir Shah has said that we want to take the progress of Pakistan to the next level.

General Asim Manir, while addressing the Mineral Summit in Islamabad, started the speech with verses of Quran Pak and poems of Allama Aqbal.

He said that we want to take Pakistan’s progress higher, we have to get the resources we have, may Allah be merciful, come forward for Pakistan’s progress and achieve success.

The Army Chief said that we have to take Pakistan forward, for which all the officers should work together, we have taken Green Initiative for the same, God also helps those who try to change their condition.

They used to say that God has given you life, then you have to return to Him, Allah has said that I will test you, sometimes with hunger, sometimes with fear, sometimes with life, but those who show patience, only they get success. ۔

He stressed that we want to be one step ahead, this summit is very important. We want to get rid of the local red tape and bureaucratic hurdles, so we have created a single organization consisting of the military, the civil bureaucracy, the loyal government, and the provincial government. Made it

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The Pakistan Army Chief’s Mission to Resolve Country’s Problems said that as a nation, we all will move forward, we will work hard and Allah will give us success, we will work hard and get the country out of the problems it is facing.

He further said that foreign investors should come here with the confidence that quick decisions will be made and their money will not be wasted, there will be economic growth in the country, there will be no hindrance in their mining licensing, foreign investors will find a new opportunity here. Bring economic technology, create industries, our people’s knowledge will increase, local people’s problems will be solved, minerals will be promoted.




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