Pakistan Girl Hamna Zafar Escapes Cousin Marriage to Joins in US Air Force

Lahore: Hamna Zafar is a Pakistani-American young girl who has joined the US Air Force to escape from her cousin’s marriage due to pressure from her parents.

American newspaper report has said that the story of a Pakistani girl named Hamna Zafar’s resistance against cultural and family pressure has come out, who did not care about anyone to fulfill her dreams.

The newspaper claims that the parents of this Pakistani girl Hamna Zafar want to force marry her cousin, but instead of going against the family tradition, she decided to fulfill her dream and joined the US Air Force.


American magazine report, Hamna Zafar nineteen years old when her parents want to marry her cousin without her consent, at that time Hamna made the most important decision of her life.

Hamna Zafar knew that if she took any step against her family, they would all boycott her, but knowing all this, she rebelled and decided to fulfill her dreams.

When Hamna Zafar went to Pakistan with her parents in 2019, she found out that her family had come not only to meet their relatives but to nurture her relationship. This made Hamna suffer from severe mental anguish.

In this situation, Hamna Zafar had to choose between her family traditions or the fulfillment of her dreams. Therefore, Hamna showed great courage and bravery while refusing to come under the pressure of the family and took refuge with a recruiting officer in the US Navy and later she lived with a friend’s family for some time.

A woman named Claudia Barrera sheltered Hamna Zafar and also helped her to get higher education. In 2022, Hamna  showed another courage and joined the US Air Force. Hamna is now working there as a security defender.

Now 23 years old, Hamna  said, “I always thought about my family, and when I finally made this huge decision of my life, it went through my mind.”

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Thus, there was no other alternative way for me as she told me saying, “I thought my parents’ but I did not know they wanted to marry me off.”

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