Pakistan mandates that universities teach the Holy Quran in translation

ISLAMABAD – Undergraduate students at all national universities are now required to read the Holy Quran in its original translation, according to the High Education Commission (HEC).

As per a goal that the Senate supported in January of this current year, the commission has given a notice in such manner.

The notice, dated February 27, 2023, states that “The Holy Quran education in colleges is principal in giving Muslim youth a more profound understanding of their confidence as well as in keeping up with and recognition of Islamic upsides of profound quality, morals, and civil rights.

“In accordance with Senate Resolution No. 2 and because of its significance, With effect from the fall of 2023, it is recommended that all Pakistani universities and Degree Awarding Institutes (DAIs) include a course on

the Holy Quran with translation, tajveed, and tafseer for Muslim students as a mandatory requirement for all undergraduate degree programs without making it a part of the exams or awarding additional marks. On January 16, 2023, 533 was approved (attached).



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