Pakistan Post increased postage rates by 150pc

Pakistan Post increased postage rates by 150pc

Pakistan Post has increased domestic postage rates by 50 percent and 150 percent, effective August 1.

Report by Dawn newspaper, Pakistan Post increased postage rates by 150pc according to a notification issued by the Ministry of Communications, the rates of unregistered ordinary letters, envelopes and airgrams have been increased from Rs.20 to Rs.30 for 20 grams, from Rs.38 to Rs.60 for 50 grams, and from Rs. for Rs.50 to Rs.75, for 250 grams from Rs.75 to Rs.120, for 500 grams from Rs.100 to Rs.150, for one kg from Rs.200 to Rs.300 and for 2 kg. The rate has been increased from Rs 250 to Rs 380.

Apart from textbooks, including pamphlets, journals, magazines, sheet music, maps, printed circulars, invitations, bills, greeting cards and books other than textbooks, the rate of sending has been increased from Rs 2 to Rs 5 per 100 grams. will be done.

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Similarly, the parcel rates have also been increased: 100 to 150 rupees for 1 kg, 175 to 270 rupees for 3 kg, 250 to 380 rupees for 5 kg, 375 to 570 rupees for 10 kg, 15 kg for Rs 500 to Rs 750, 20 kg to Rs 750 from Rs 500, 20 kg to Rs 940 from Rs 625, 25 kg to Rs 1,130 from Rs 750 and 30 kg to Rs 875. will increase to Rs 1,320.

The rates of printed materials and parcels including textbooks have been increased. Urgent mail service rates have also seen an increase.

For deliveries in Indore or Rawalpindi and Islamabad including all taxes, the rates have been increased from Rs 59 to Rs 90, 500 grams will cost Rs 110 and for every half kg an additional Rs 45 will have to be paid, between the cities. The charges have been reduced to Rs 230 for delivery up to 250 grams and an additional Rs 75 for every 500 grams.

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Intra-city cash-on-delivery rates are Rs.55 for up to 250 grams, Rs.80 for up to 500 grams and Rs.18 for each additional half a kilogram.Inter-city cash-on-delivery rates for up to 250 grams 87, Rs 122 for 500 grams, and Rs 35 extra for every additional 500 grams.





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