Pakistan strongly condemns Denmark’s desecration of the Holy Quran

The Danish act of desecration of the Holy Quran has been officially condemned by Pakistan. In many cultures around the world, disrespecting any religious text is deeply offensive and unacceptable, and Pakistan’s condemnation highlights the significance of such actions.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in a statement, “The recurrence of such wilful and vile acts is a troubling manifestation of growing hatred, racism, and phobia against Muslims and their faith.”

The rehashed event of such planned acts raises doubt about the viability of the legitimate structure behind which Islamophobes stow away and prompt contempt without risk of punishment.


In accordance with the responsibilities and duties enshrined in international human rights law, we urge all States to develop legal deterrence in order to prevent and prosecute such acts Pakistan strongly condemns Denmark’s desecration of the Holy Quran.


In addition, Pakistan urged the international organization for the protection of human rights to speak out against such deliberate acts that constitute an invitation to hate, discrimination, and violence against Muslims solely because of their faith.



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