Pete Davidson claims that it isn’t “crazy” to date 10 girls in 12 years.

Pete Davidson opened up about his relationships and dating history, stating that he is baffled by the interest in his love life .

The 29-year-old star of Saturday Night Live, who was recently linked to Emily Ratajkowski, stated that it is “that crazy” to date 12 people in ten years pete davidson girlfriends .

pete Davidson safeguarded his intriguing history of romancing renowned ladies including Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Ratajkowski and referred to the reaction of his program as “befuddling.”

On Thursday’s episode of Real Ones with Jon Bernthal, the King of Staten Island star stated, “I’m not on Instagram.” Social media is not my thing. Dislike, flexing, you understand what I mean?”

In addition, Davidson made it clear that he has met all of his partners “at work” and “wasn’t in anyone’s DMs.”

The comedian, who is presently working with Chase Sui Su, has said that he did not “had control” over photographers snapping pictures of him while he is out and about pete davidson girlfriend

You suddenly find yourself in a zeitgeist that has nothing to do with your work. And that gives me a really strong feeling,” he stated. I was always working, but before the work came, I became more well-known pete davidson age.



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