Quran desecration is no longer prohibited by a Swedish court.

A Swedish court has revoked a ban on Quran desecration of the  because five terror suspects have been held following a coordinated operation in the Scandinavian nation, despite the rise in Islamophobic incidents.

Protests in the Muslim world erupted after the desecration of Islam’s holy book outside of the Turkish embassy in a European country. Arab nations even called for a boycott of Swedish goods.


The Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden recently ruled that security risk concerns were not sufficient to restrict the right to express itself, overturning a police decision to prohibit Quran desecration protests.


A Swedish judge said in a statement that the decisions it made were not supported enough by law enforcement.


As these acts had made Sweden a higher priority target for attacks, officials had previously banned burnings of Islam’s holiest book in the nation’s capital last month. Istanbul and different countries unequivocally condemned the dissent as Erdogan’s administration impeded Sweden’s NATO bid.

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Swedish leaders have defended the right to freedom of choice while opposing the desecration of the Quran in the midst of this conundrum.


Rasmus Paludan, a controversial politician from Denmark, caused outrage in January of this year when he set a Quran in fire, desecrated it, and set it on fire in Stockholm.



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