Saudi Arabia has begun issuing permits for umrah during Ramadan.

Saudi Arabia :For Ramadan, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj has begun issuing Umrah permits. The Nusuk app is where people can make reservations, according to the Ministry.

The Eatmarna app, which was previously used to book Umrah, has been discontinued. Additionally, the Saudi Secretary of Hajj and Umrah disclosed that overseas Umrah pilgrims are anticipated to exceed 9 million this year.

Since Muslims all over the world have been eager to perform Umrah, the permits have been welcomed. The procedure is anticipated to be more streamlined and effective with the Nusuk app.

About Nusuk Nusuk is a platform that aims to make planning a pilgrimage to Makkah, Madina, and other Saudi Arabian holy sites easier.Saudi Arabia has begun issuing permits for umrah during Ramadan.

Pilgrims can complete a variety of pilgrimage-related tasks, including applying for an eVisa and making hotel and flight reservations. Nusuk intends to include personalized plans, scheduling visits to holy sites, and other activities in the future.



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