Saudi Arabia Releases New Short Term Working Visa

Saudi Arabia has introduced a new system for temporary work visas that allows businesses to issue Short Term Working Visa for up to three months with the option to extend for an additional three months.


The following steps must be taken by the applicant to submit an online application for a temporary work visa:

On the Qiwa platform, sign in to the account of the company.

Choose the e-services temporary work visa service.

After that, submit the request by filling out all of the required fields.

It is essential to take note of that main the business or a chief on Qiwa business can present the solicitation.

The website claims that the online work visa request submitted through the Qiwa platform will be granted immediately without the need for additional documentation.


Except for certain activities that are exempt from registration, the company must nevertheless be operating and have a current commercial registration.


A Nitaqat level of at least medium green is required for the business. Nitaqat is a program that uses Saudization rates to classify businesses.

On the off chance that the organization has numerous elements under a similar bound together number, there ought to be no lapsed work licenses, and there ought to be adequate credit in the public brought together number of the venture on Absher. Absher is a Saudi Arabian online platform that gives residents and businesses a variety of electronic services.


A visa solicitation might be declined because of two reasons. First, if the company’s Absher account’s unified number does not have an adequate balance. Second, if the Ministry of Interior is the source of the rejection.

It is important to note that the company will receive a refund of the fees paid by the government if the Short Term Working Visa that were issued are revoked. The terms and conditions governing the refund will apply.



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