Shahid Afridi was offered work in Pakistani and Indian films

Shahid Afridi was offered work in Pakistani and Indian films

The former national cricket captain named Shahid Afridi has stated that priorly he received proposals to be involved with films not only from Pakistan but also India, however he declined to be part of movies.

Recently, shahid afridi has been featured in a ‘Sama Sports’ podcast where they talked about cricket and a few other matters. He revealed that it was an Indian player, Ravi Shastri who called him as ‘Boom Boom’ in the beginning.

He says that in 2005 or 2006 in an Indian city called Kanpur, Shahid Afridi played a fantastic innings. At this time, Ravi Shastri nicknamed him ‘Boom Boom’ and he adopted this as one of his names

Firstly, he was attached to the national team as a bowler, but in practice other players including Wasim Akram noticed he could bat, and they decided to “feed” him on opening and he grabbed it as a spoil. This made him show some responsibility and hence, was also a good opener.

In accordance with his parents’ will, Shahid Afridi had his marriage which went along well and a marriage approved by parents is bound to be successful. He stated that he would not do an additional one, should his parents’ marriage happen not to have been successful, yet he felt as though he did not require another one.

Just like that, when talking on his daughter’s marriage with cricket player, Shaheen Afridi, he mentioned that therein lies his own will and thus everything will be alright as well as for the Shaheen’s family is also good.

He discussed on acting and modeling among others and advised that everyone should do as he/she feels fit. In the course of his life, Shahid Afridi refused many offers to star in Indian movies along with Pakistani. He said that, with respect to himself, he does not consider acting his business hence denying to work in films saying he is a cricketer.

The former national captain claims that though he posed for adverts while growing up and he shall keep doing it in future, yet acting is not what he desires. However, Shahid Afridi only disclosed that many films were made for him but did not indicate whether they were good or bad.

This explains why one can find him on the different television commercials that promote various charity organizations and where he is featured in certain talk shows.

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