Sherry Shah Making Her Marriage to Shamoon Abbasi Official

Sherry Shah

Fans have been captivated by Sherry Shah and Shamoon Abbasi’s truly remarkable on-screen chemistry. They both played roles in the critically acclaimed DURJ, which was praised greatly by viewers despite a disappointing box office performance.

The two lead actors developed a strong friendship as a result of their experience working on the project together. There have even been rumors that they might get married.

In a touching Facebook post, the talented and stunning Shah has put those rumors to rest by announcing her engagement to acclaimed


Sherry Shah has been married twice, and Shamoon Abbasi has been married four times. Upon hearing the news, fans have extended their best wishes to the couple. They have this to say: actor Abbasi.

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my life has become because of you are just a few of the things I value about you. Thank you for being the best thing I’ve ever done; when you’re around, everything is easy. Having you as my life partner makes me feel so fortunate. Thanks for being here. The Mr. Shamim star’s photo was captioned “Happy Birthday, hubs Shamoon Abbasi.”



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