Solar AC Price in Pakistan 2023 – Best Brands Latest Models and Features

Solar AC Price in Pakistan

When it comes to battling the sweltering heat of Pakistan, a reliable and efficient air conditioner is an absolute necessity. With numerous options available, choosing the right AC brand is crucial. we will present the Best Solar AC brand in pakistan that offer exceptional cooling solutions. We’ve compiled a list of these latest brands Solar AC Price in Pakistan, along with important insights and considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Best Solar AC brand in pakistan 2023

RankBrandKey Features
1GreeEnergy-efficient, advanced cooling technology
2HaierInnovative designs, excellent customer service
3DawlanceAffordable, reliable, durable ACs
4OrientSleek designs, effective cooling technology
5KenwoodSmart features, optimal energy consumption

Gree Split Pular Series AC Inverter 1 TON                  

Gree has consistently topped the list as one of the most sought-after Best AC brands in Pakistan. Their energy-efficient cooling solutions are known for their advanced technology, which not only cools your space effectively but also minimizes energy consumption. Gree ACs are designed to adapt to the harsh Pakistani climate, making them a reliable choice.


  • Beautiful White Finish
  • Design That Is Seamless And Has Two Air Deflectors
  • Four-Way Air Flow
  • Auto-Cleaning Mechanism
  • A seven-speed fan
  • Easy-to-Clean Single Panel Filter
  • Medical filters
  • Heat and Cool AC Compliant With Europe
  • Newest Strong G-10 AC
  • Class A+ Energy Efficiency (Up to 60% Energy Savings)
  • 150V Low Voltage Startup
  • Control of ultra-low frequency torque
  • Contemporary DSP Chip
  • Controlled Temperature Accurately
  • Noise-Reduced Operation
  • large inside (1 meter)

Haier HSU-12HFCF1.0 Ton Smart Inverter

Haier is another giant in the world of air conditioning. They are well-regarded for their innovative designs and excellent customer service. Haier ACs offer a perfect blend of style and substance, ensuring your comfort while enhancing your living space. Their after-sales service network is also extensive, providing peace of mind.


  • Brand Warranty
  • Compressor Warranty for Ten Years
  • Available Optional Wifi 
  • Refrigerant R32
  • Voltage: 150–260 volts, running current: 2.6–6.7 amps
  • W*D*H measurements inside: 865*290*200
  • W*D*H outside measurements: 720*295*550
  • Own Cleaning
  • Powerful Airflow
  • Beautiful Dust Filter
  • UPS equipped with gadget
  • Rest Mode
  • Strong heating and cooling
  • Easy Controller Operation
  • Body Color: White
  • Noise-Reduced Operation
  • The anti-corrosion

Dawlance AC/12000 BTU/ Inverter 1 Ton/Split

If you are looking for affordability, reliability, and durability, Dawlance is the brand for you. Dawlance ACs are built to withstand the tough Pakistani weather and come at a budget-friendly price. They may not have all the fancy features, but they get the job done efficiently.


  • Heat and Cold
  • Adaptive Restart
  • Indicator: Hidden Indicator
  • sleep mode
  • Operating Range of Indoor Unit Cooling: 17 to 32
  • Gold Fin Condenser Fin
  • R410a, a cooling fluid
  • Heating energy (W): 1755
  • m3/hr air flow rate
  • slumber mode
  • Washable/Removable Panel
  • Self Assessment
  • Booster Mode
  • Memory performance
  • Outdoor Casing with Anti-Rain
  • The cooling capacity is 12000 BTU/h.
  • Voltage: 220V to 240V
  • (Inverter) Minimum Energy Mode

Orient Ultron Gold Fin DC Inverter AC 1 Ton

Orient is recognized for its sleek and stylish AC designs. These ACs incorporate effective cooling technology that ensures quick cooling and energy efficiency. If aesthetics are as important to you as performance, Orient is worth considering.

Orient 1 Ton Mega DC Inverter AC Gold Fin - Ace Material


  • Inverter T3 with tropicalization
  • Korean PCB Kit
  • Pilot Auto
  • a better compressor drive
  • 70V for low voltage operation
  • 4D air throw of 30 feet in length
  • Automatic Cleaning and Sanitation System
  • Heat & Cool For All Weathers
  • undiluted copper
  • Speed mode
  • Operations with Low Noise
  • Anti-rust Gold Fin Coating
  • filters for catechins

KENWOOD KEE-1245S 1 Ton eEco Plus Inverter

Kenwood stands out for its smart features and optimal energy consumption. Their ACs are equipped with advanced technology that offers precise temperature control and can be controlled remotely, providing convenience and energy savings.

KENWOOD 1 Ton eEco Plus Inverter KEE-1245S - 75% Energy Saving - Latest Model


  • Energy Efficient to 75%
  • Compressor for 10 Years Card Warranty for Four Years
  • Compressor with a DC inverter
  • LED Screen
  • R410a Gas
  • Operation at Low Voltage (145V-260)
  • Booster operation
  • Long Dish
  • No Stabilizer Needed
  • Fully Copper Pipe
  • Cool and Heat Function

Solar AC price in Pakistan 2023

NoTop best AC Brands in pakistan  prices
1Gree Split Pular Series AC Inverter 1 TONRs  142,900
2Haier hsu-12hfcf1.0 ton smart inverterRs  137,999
3Dawlance AC/12000 BTU/ Inverter 1 Ton/SplitRs  138,000
4Orient Ultron Gold Fin DC Inverter AC 1 TonRs  135,500
5Kenwood Kee-1245S 1 Ton eEco Plus InverterRs  142,500

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Selecting the right Top AC brand in Pakistan is no small decision, but considering these 5 best brands in pakistna can help you make a wise choice. Whether you prioritize energy efficiency, affordability, or style, there’s a brand on this list for you. Remember to evaluate your needs and preferences before making your purchase to ensure your comfort during those scorching summer days.

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