Ups Price in Pakistan 2024, Best Ups in Pakistan 2024

 Ups in Pakistan

The correct Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) solution should be purchased in a country like Pakistan where power outages are commonplace  Make an informed choice whether you require a UPS for your house, workplace, or business. In order to assist you make the best decision, this post will walk you through the top best Ups in Pakistan.

Importance of a Reliable Best ups in Pakistan

When it comes to protecting your priceless devices from unexpected power Supply, voltage swings, and surges of energy, a trustworthy UPS is a need. A UPS can save your life in Pakistan by keeping you connected and productive during electricity load shedding.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a UPS

Load Capacity

Determine the total power load you need to support to choose the right UPS capacity.

Battery Backup

 Assess the duration of backup needed during power outages.

Type of UPS

Decide between offline, line-interactive, and online (double-conversion) UPS based on your needs.

Battery Technology

 Choose between traditional lead-acid batteries and newer lithium-ion batteries.

Surge Protection

Ensure the UPS offers surge protection to safeguard your devices.

Top 5 best ups in Pakistan 2024

NS Prime Plus 1202 UPS KVA Pure Inverter

UPS 12V DC (1000 Watt) NS Prime Plus 1202 Pure Inverter. Five fans and six (25W) energy savers are an optional LED/LCD panel for an LED television. Line-to-battery switching that is automatic Improved AC Charger Built-In Choose from a variety of input voltage ranges, an AC charging current, an AC source, or a highly efficient DC-to-AC conversion with minimal energy loss. Design for flexible installation using racks and wall mounting Controlled by an intelligent three-stage charger for effective charging and overcharging prevention Automatic restart after AC recuperation simple LCD and LED indicators High reliability is guaranteed by a design entirely based on microprocessors


  • Brand Guarantee
  • Prime Plus Model 1202
  • Low energy loss, high efficiency DC-to-AC conversion
  • Wall-mounted and rack designs for flexible installation
  • Control of an intelligent 3-stage charger for effective charging and
  • Avoiding Overcharging
  • Auto restart after AC repair
  • Simple-to-use LCD and LED indicators
  • Automatic battery to line switchover
  • Integrated improved AC Charger
  • Choose between several input voltage ranges, AC charging current, or AC or

EcoStar – E-2440i Black Home UPS Inverter

This is the best choice for large building. With a 1400 Watt capacity, the E-2440i can power ten ceiling fans, thirty energy-saving bulbs, or fifteen tube lights. The price is really reasonable .


  • Over Charge Defense
  • LED Indicator and LCD Display
  • Mobile USB Charger
  • Protection against battery deep discharge
  • Protection from overheating
  • Range of loads: 1400 W
  • Simulated Sine Wave as a Wave Form

Homage HVS 1214SCC Inverter UPS

Homage 1200VA/1000Watt/12VDC/230VAC sine wave inverter simulation accepts both solar and utility input simultaneously 90-280 VAC is a large input voltage range. MPPT solar charging controller built-in 55A AC charger current 10A or 25A selectable protection from overload and short circuit easy-to-use LCD operating Design of a replaceable fan for simple maintenance For extensive information, use an LCD with LED indicator. 6 tube lights, 16 energy-saving bulbs, 30 LED bulbs, and 6 12-inch fans


  • 1200VA/1000Watt/12VDC/230VAC.
  • Sine wave inverter simulation.
  • simultaneously accepts solar and utility input.
  • wide 90-280 VAC input voltage range.
  • 55A MPPT solar charging controller built-in.
  • AC charge current options are 10A or 25A.
  • protection against overload and short circuit.
  • For extensive information, an LCD with LED indicator is used.

 Apollo iAlpha series 900va nverter ups

Alpha series 900va 900 watts Apollo inverter Load six fans, six LED bulbs, and one LED television. Innovative battery charging system with regard to the weather in the area.


  • 12VDC 900W (220V-50Hz)
  • 1 year of UPS  warranty
  • Line-to-Line Battery Switchover That Is Automatic
  • Settable Input Voltage Ranges Using an LCD
  • Low energy loss, high efficiency DC-to-AC conversion
  • Wall-mounted design for flexible installation: Rack Design & Mount
  • improved charger built-in
  • Auto restart with user-friendly LCD and LED indicators during AC recovery

Simtek Pure Sine Wave 640Watts 12v DC UPS/Inverter 

Simtek and other electrical parts are available in Ups in Pakistan at low prices with free cash on delivery service nationwide. We offer Simtek from distributors and dealers in Pakistan at  simtek official website.

Simtek Pure Sine Wave UPS/Inverter 6 Fans & 6 Lights 1500VA – 800Watts 12v DC – 1 Year Warranty – Simtek Power Services


  • SimTech Pure Sine Wave UPS/Inverter1200VAVAWatts: 640WattsVolt
  • 1 Year of Warranty
  • Low Battery Safety
  • Overload Defenses
  • Protection Against Overheating
  • Short Circuit Defense
  • a sizable LCD screen
  • Stable Results Your appliances are 100% safe with Pure Sine Wave.
  • Overcharging Defense
  • Protection from High Voltage
  • Deep Discharge Protection for Batteries
  • Appliances Best For The Home & Office


homage ups price in Pakistan

Ups price in PakistanPrice in Pakistan
NS Prime Plus 1202 UPS KVA Pure InverterRs. 35,100
EchoStar – E-2440i Black Home UPS InverterRs. 23,999
Apollo iAlpha series 900va nverter upsRs. 30,000
Homage HVS 1214SCC Inverter UPSRs. 51,500
Simtek Pure Sine Wave 640Watts 12v DC UPS/InverterRs. 37,500


Pros and Cons of Different Best UPS Types

  • Cost-effective
  • Suitable for basic protection
  • Faster switchover time
  • Enhanced protection


  • Moderate pricing
  • Slower switchover time
  • Higher cost


A powerful UPS is necessary in Pakistan because of the unpredictable nature of the power supply. When selecting a UPS, take into account the load capacity, battery backup, kind, and Best Ups in Pakistan depending on your unique requirements. APC, Cyber Power, Luminous, and Eaton are some of the leading manufacturers of high-quality solutions. You can guarantee that your electronic gadgets continue to function with the correct UPS, allowing you to continue working, studying, and staying connected without interruption. 

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