Indian actress Suchandra Dasgupta died in a road accident

Suchandra Dasgupta

India: Suchandra Dasgupta, a Bengali actress, was died in a car accident.


Indian media reports that actress Suchandra Dasgupta was returning to her father’s house on Saturday with a bike rider she had hired from an online service when the bike got into an accident on the way there.


The driver tried to apply the brakes suddenly when a bicycle came up in front of them, according to the reports. In the meantime, the truck coming from behind struck and killed actress Suchandra Dasgupta, who was riding on the back of the bike.

After the mishap, the police promptly halted the truck and captured the driver.

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As per Indian media reports, the 29-year-old entertainer has been a piece of a few Bengali Programs and plays for the most part played little parts in shows.

Hearing the insight about the passing of the entertainer, individual entertainers and different characters from the Bengali showbiz industry are communicating their pain.



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