Sunny Deol Gadar 2 defeats Shah Rukh Khan Pathaan

Sunny Deol Gadar 2

Mumbai: After a long time, the famous action hero Sunny Deol made an explosive entry in Bollywood and surpassed many of his juniors including Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan.

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Indian media Report, Sunny Deol Gadar 2 has earned the honor of doing business at the fastest speed by setting a new record in the highest grossing films in the shortest time in the Indian film industry.

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Sunny Deol Gadar 2 crossed the Rs 500 crore mark at the box office in just 24 days, while Shah Rukh Khan Pathaan blockbuster  took 28 days to do the same business and Bahu Billy crossed the mark in 34 days. The th day was crossed.

Sunny Deol Gadar 2 is creating a new history at the box office of the Indian film industry and Bollywood film critics are also surprised by the popularity of Ghadar-2.

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It should be noted that Shah Rukh Khan Pathaan, who faced continuous failure, got a new life in Bollywood with the film Pathan. Similarly, Sunny Deol has also made a comeback in the Indian film industry with Ghadar 2.

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