Price of Sugar hits Rs. 200 Per Kg in Some Cities Pakistan

Price of Sugar hits Rs. 200 Per Kg

Price of Sugar hits Rs. 200 Per Kg in various cities across the country, with the Ministry of National Food Security and Research blaming smuggling, hoarding, and market manipulation.

Sugar is being sold for as much as Rs. 220 per kg in Balochistan’s Noshki, according to sources. Sugar is marketed for roughly Rs. 200 per kg in numerous other cities in the province, including Quetta, Kohlu, and Washuk.

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Sugar Price Increase Blamed on Smuggling and Hoarding, Says Food Ministry

Sugar costs anywhere from Rs. 195 to Rs. 205 per kilogram in Peshawar. Sugar is sold for Rs. 170 to Rs. 190 per kilogram in Punjab. In other important cities, such as Karachi, Lahore, and Multan.

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It is worth noting that, at its most recent meeting, the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) authorized the Ministry of National Food Security & Research to work with all necessary agencies and authorities to combat sugar smuggling and hoarding. Furthermore, the ECC requested that the ministry submit the most recent stock, availability, and wheat prices immediately.

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Sugar prices have risen by more than 80% in the last four months. Despite rising sugar prices, the country exported sugar in July, with exports totaling 5,542 metric tonnes. However, there will be no further sugar shipments because the sugar export prohibition has been in effect since August 10.

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