the decision of the PDM parties to boycott the 3-member bench of the Supreme Court


Lahore: In the meeting of the parties in the government under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, a detailed consideration of the overall situation of the country and consultation on the future strategy was held.


Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif chaired the meeting of the government coalition parties in which the Supreme Court Bench and the country’s political situation were considered regarding the postponement of elections in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


The declaration of the meeting of the ruling coalition parties has demanded that the elections should be held on the same day across the country, which is the basic constitutional.


The declaration said that defecting from the election in a single day would plunge the country into a catastrophic political crisis, a situation that would be tantamount to a suicide attack on the country’s economic interests.


In the meeting, the government and the coalition parties also expressed no confidence in the three-member bench of the Supreme Court and demanded that the current court proceedings be terminated by accepting the four-member majority decision.


In the declaration of the government coalition parties, it is said that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court wants to impose the decision of the minority on the decision of the majority. An unworkable and complicated situation has arisen PDM parties to boycott


It has been said in the statement that Justice Ejaz-ul-Ahsan had already left the bench voluntarily, the Chief Justice listened to the dissenting voices from the benches of the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice immediately held a full court session and started a one-man show. End the impression.


In the declaration of the meeting of the government coalition parties, it is said that the constitution was rewritten through the decision of the 3-member bench, the division in the thinking of the highest court is clear, the Supreme Court should refrain from issuing controversial political decisions. .


In the declaration of the meeting, it has also been said that the impression of adopting a special discriminatory attitude on the issue of Tehreek-e-Insaf should be removed. Obstacles in the way of justice have been removed by the legislation, hopefully the President will not become an obstacle in the way of this legislation.


According to the declaration, the practice of imposing a minority decision is a clear example of deviation from the constitution and prevailing law. Conspiracy of will not be accepted, unfortunately an administrative matter has been turned into a political and constitutional crisis, the special purpose and urgency of giving relief to the party appears to be a political agenda, the Supreme Court should not interfere with the authority of the Election Commission.


The story of the meeting

Earlier during the meeting, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif contacted former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif through a video link for advice regarding the government’s cooperation on the issue of the proposed hearing of the 3-member bench of the Supreme Court on postponing the elections in two provinces.


Nawaz Sharif suggested that all PDM parties should boycott the 3-member bench, there is no expectation of justice from the 3-member bench because the 3-member bench includes Saqib Nisar-affected people.


During the consultative discussion in the meeting, it was suggested that the Attorney General should appear in the court and express no confidence in the 3-member bench. will inform the Supreme Court.


In the meeting, the suggestions of boycotting the 3-member bench of the Supreme Court were also received from the leadership of PDM, which was approved by Nawaz Sharif.


Nawaz Sharif said that there is no other option but to boycott the bench, despite the demand of the majority of the political leadership, the non-formation of the full bench is a sign of a special agenda.




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