The effects of Cyclone Bipar Joy began to emerge in Balochistan

Cyclone Bipar Joy

Balochistan:  Water entered the residential area in Balochistan and Ormara, and the effects of Cyclone Bipar Joy began to emerge.


Due to the flooding in the coastal areas of Marada and Demi-Zar, the sea swelled, the sea water crossed the road and entered the shops, companies and population areas. People are very worried about the water entering the population. There is fear of severe damage to fishermen’s property due to severe flooding.

Loudspeaker announcements started at Pani Gadani in Ormara  for people to move to relief camps

Those who are by the sea should come to the relief camp. Announcements The effects of the potential cyclone Bipar Joy have started to be seen, the sea waves are increasing. Given the release of seawater

 In the coastal areas of Balochistan, the effects of the hurricane began to be seen. The administration started making announcements through loudspeakers. Regarding the hurricane

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