The government banned receiving gifts worth more than $300 from Tosha Khana Policy 2023

The Tosha Khana Policy 2023, which prohibits the purchase of expensive gifts, watches, and vehicles worth crores of rupees, was immediately implemented by the government.


The president, prime minister, members of the cabinet, judges, and civil and military officers will all be prohibited from receiving gifts worth more than $300, according to the specifics. In addition, these individuals will not be permitted to receive cash as gifts from both domestic and international figures.

Following the implementation of the Tosha Khana Policy 2023, instructions have been issued to deposit the entire amount of a cash gift into the national exchequer; however, no one will be permitted to purchase gifts of valuable antiques or vehicles.

The president, prime minister, cabinet members, judges, and civil and military officers will be authorized to purchase gifts worth less than $300 at market value and from $300. Gifted vehicles and valuable antiques will be displayed in the central pool. Through the state-owned open auction, high-value gifts will also be available for purchase by the public.

Except for the President and Prime Minister, no other individuals will be permitted to receive gifts for their families following the implementation of the Tosha Khana Policy in 2023. Instead, gold and silver coins will now be given to the State Bank of Pakistan.

For violating the Tosha Khana policy, strict action will be taken against the individual, and officers of the Ministry of External Affairs will be required to provide the Cabinet Division with gifts they have received from abroad.

The new policy stipulates that expert FBR officers and private firms will determine the value of gifts, while private firms and POF will determine the value of gifted weapons.



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