The “Teleschool Pakistan App” for online education is launched by PM Shehbaz Sharif.

ISLAMABAD: According to a statement, Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif launched the “Teleschool Pakistan App, Google for Education and Digital Continuous Professional Development” initiative on Tuesday to further revolutionize the formal education medium in Pakistan. The initiative will provide online education to students in grades one through twelve.


The prime minister made a speech at the event to emphasize that teachers should receive the most recent training and that modern educational methods, such as digitalization initiatives, should be implemented using all available resources and efforts.


The prime minister cited his experience in Punjab province to make the unfortunate observation that teacher education in the country was subpar Teleschool Pakistan App.


During his time as chief minister, he claimed that he had directed actions to improve the quality of approximately forty training centers in the province.


PM Shehbaz requested that the Minister for Federal Education devise a strategy to enhance the quality of teacher education in collaboration with provincial governments.


He emphasized, referring to the significance of the most recent technology in contemporary education, that if they wanted to provide the younger generations with the most recent education, they would need to provide them with laptops and other related devices so that the nation’s future leaders could familiarize themselves with the new educational methods.


He implied that suck-like initiatives would be carried out when he stated that approximately 100,000 laptops would be distributed to high achievers across the nation.


The vocational training program ought to be implemented in conjunction with the private sector and provincial governments, according to the prime minister’s opinion.


He added that rather than investing in the physical building, they should invest in the younger students by providing them with technical and skill training.


The state leader accentuated that the understudies ought to be straightforwardly prepared by including the confidential area. It is important to hire the best private institutions in a transparent manner and to invest in each student by providing them with appropriate training.


The state head said that they would likewise lay out an organization of Danish schools in the distant of Balochistan for which colossal speculations would be made.


He expressed optimism that providing high-quality education to students in remote parts of the province would assist in bringing them up to the same level as other students in other parts of the nation.


Additionally, he argued that the orphans’ educational needs should be addressed. He stated that giving young people the most recent education should be their life’s work.


Valuing the endeavors of the government pastor, service and different accomplices, the top state leader said it was a decent day for the schooling area of the country as the furthest down the line innovation would be used to additionally work on the nature of training.


Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training Rana Tanveer Hussain said that the focus on teachers’ training was linked to the quality of education.



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