Today Elephant Noor Jehan fell into a concrete pool

Today Elephant Noor Jehan fell into a concrete pool. She couldn’t be lifted by the zoo’s equipment. She is dead and badly injured. Four Paws International’s suggestions for her comfort and diet were not followed. Because of the Sindh government,


Noor Jehan died too soon after falling into her enclosure’s concrete pool this morning. It is crucial to maintain pressure on the KMC and zoo. They must be aware that everyone is watching.

Elephant Noor Jehan fell into a pool and stayed there for several hours, and the Karachi zoo only had one task to help her recover from rehabilitation. Shut down the Karachi zoo because they can’t do anything!


President Arif Alvi said he would pay for Noor Jehan’s healing, but nothing happened! Eliminate Karachi Zoo and relocate the animals to a sanctuary.


17 year old elephant Elephant Noor Jehan, who recently went through a surgery by foreign doctors , reportedly fell into to a concrete pond which further worsened her condition.


Noor Jehan fell last night. Arrived to see paws pakistan  zoo staff director, Dr otho and Dr Shalla. Team had to hoist Noor Jehan up. Wasn’t allowed to take pictures. Prayers and pressure needed for accountability.



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