US airman Jack Teixeira has been arrested after leaked Pentagon documents

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The FBI made an arrest Jack Teixeira on a member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard who was believed to be responsible for the internet leak of highly classified US intelligence data On Thursday.


The report around 21 years of age Jack Teixeira’s capture was declared by Head legal officer Merrick Laurel.

Documents regarding the Ukraine War, US Surveillance of Allies and Enemies, and Israeli Intelligence Mossad Supporting Domestic Anti-Government Protests appeared online on the gamers’ communication platform, Discord, according to reports.


The US attorney’s office in Boston reports that Teixeira will be formally charged at his first court appearance on Friday.

CNN reports that the group’s leader Teixeira is thought to have posted the cache of secret information.

FBI arrests 21-year-old Air National Guardsman suspected of leaking  classified documents

Due to the forensic trail that was left by the individual who uploaded documents on social media, the search net included thousands of individuals who had access to secret material. However, the search was limited by chat groups that contained evidence.

Officials claim that the suspect was under surveillance for at least two days prior to his arrest.


According to the US Air Force’s service records, which were made available to the public on Thursday, Jack Teixeira was an enlisted Airman 1st Class.


Teixeira is a journeyman in the field of cyber transport systems and began working for the military in September 2019.


The accused worked at a military facility and provided data to a select group of people he knew, according to a Wednesday report in The Washington Post.



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