Usman Arshad, who reached Makkah on foot from Pakistan, got a Hajj visa

Usman Arshad
Photo: Usman Arshad Twitter

Makkah: Usman Arshad, a young man from Okara, who reached Saudi Arabia on foot for Hajj from Pakistan, has received a Hajj visa.


Usman Arshad traveled 5400 kilometers from Okara to Makkah on foot and completed this journey in six months and 13 days. They have reached Saudi Arabia through Balochistan, Iran, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. He did not even care about the blisters on his feet due to the long journey and continued his journey.

It should be noted that Usman Arshad only had a visa for paying Umrah, but as a result of the efforts of Pakistan Hajj Mission, he has got a Hajj visa.

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According to the Director General of Pakistan Hajj Abdul Wahab Soomro, the government of Saudi Arabia played an important role in the issuance of Hajj visa to Usman Arshad, he has been accommodated in the official residence of Hajj pilgrims,

The Hajj Mission is providing all kinds of facilities to the pilgrims. Is. Currently, 70,000 Hajj pilgrims have reached Makkah from Pakistan.

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It should be noted that Pakistani student Usman Arshad started his journey from Okara on October 1, 2022 and reached Saudi Arabia on April 13, 2023.




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