Varun Dhawan gets a shout-out from Gigi Hadid, dispelling rumours.

Gigi Hadid’s video with Varun Dhawan circulated around the web where the Indian entertainer was seen having a close hit the dance floor with the western model. Internet users began criticizing Varun for making her feel uneasy after the video was shared online. Gigi took to her Instagram to give Varun whoop and that has settled reports.


Varun is seen carrying her to the stage and then holding her in his arms in viral videos. The audience criticized him for what they perceived as an inappropriate act, to which he responded with a tweet.


The tweet said, “I guess today you woke up and decided to be woke.” Therefore, allow me to burst your bubble and inform you that her appearance on stage was planned. Find a new Twitter cause to rant about instead of doing something about it. Happy day! Varun Dhawan gets a shout-out from Gigi Hadid, dispelling rumours.


In response to a tweet that stated, “If you are a woman, you are not safe anywhere with anyone,” it was written. Regardless of whether you are Gigi Hadid, welcome to a party with an ‘world class’ swarm, folks like Varun dhawan will haphazardly get you and kiss you without your assent, all for the sake of Tomfoolery. Disgusting.”



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