“Wearing her father’s boots.” Ramez Galal mocks Hanadi Muhanna’s shoes

Actress Hanadi Muhanna was a guest on episode 14 of the dumps program, “Ramez Never End”, on MBC Egypt.

During the reception of Hanadi Muhanna, Ramez Galal continued his mockery of her clothes, so she was wearing a black suit with black shoes, so Ramez commented: “What is this dress?

Restaurant prank

The Ramez Jalal program this year consists of two pranks, so he lures his guests into the “Ramez Never End” program, by informing them that they will open a major restaurant, and when the guest goes there, he is exposed to the “prank”.

The other prank involves inviting the guest to a flying restaurant and while he is at a high altitude, the victim is deluded that there is a malfunction in the machine, after which the guest enters into a state of panic and extreme fear with the frequent shaking of the suspended restaurant. Hanadi Muhanna


The date on which “Ramez Never End” will be shown

The dumps program, “Ramez Never End”, is shown daily during the month of Ramadan on MBC Egypt, following the Maghrib call to prayer, Cairo time.


During the previous episodes, a number of art and sports stars fell victim to Ramez’s prank, including: Mohamed Ramadan, Ahmed El Sakka, Mahmoud Kahraba, Yasmine Ezz, Amina Shelbaya, Nihal Anbar, and finally Ahmed Abdel Qader, the Egyptian Al-Ahly player. Hanadi Muhanna

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