Thousands of cars, ten thousand baratis, honeymoon tickets, wedding of a poor blind named Moka surprised the world.

wedding of a poor blind named Moka

A historic wedding in the North African wedding of a poor blind named Moka country of Algeria has left people in awe as thousands turned out to attend the wedding of a penniless blind man, accompanied by a band, and presented with several honeymoon tickets for the groom. .

In fact, Shams al-Din alias Moka, a very poor born-blind citizen from the Algerian province of Hanashla, mentioned his poverty in front of his tailor and said, “Who will attend the wedding of my poor man?” Little did they know that their wedding was going to be a memorable occasion not only for them but for the whole of Algeria.

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Moka accompanied his mother to a tailor to get a wedding suit made, he told the tailor that he wanted to make his mother and future wife happy with his marriage. After Moka left, Darzi shared the message with Moka’s photo on social media, and it quickly went viral.

The surprising thing was that not only Algerians but also people from the neighboring countries of Tunisia and Libya arrived to attend the wedding, including older children and women. filled with more than 2,000 people in cars, more than 100 people on motorcycles, and about 50 on horseback, the number of people attending the wedding was about 10,000.

Many music bands also arrived to celebrate the wedding, people danced on the streets, the groom was carried on his shoulders and carried to the bride’s house, the bride and groom were also given honeymoon tickets to Turkey and Tunisia.




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