Weekly Inflation pakistan Rises to an Excruciatingly painful 46.6%

Weekly Inflation pakistan Week by week expansion kept on ascending because of the expansion in food and energy costs, arriving at an untouched high of 46.65 percent on a year-on-year (YoY) reason for the week finished on Walk 22, 2023, showed information delivered by the Pakistan Department of Measurements (PSB) on Friday.

Wheat flour (120.66 percent), onions (228.28 percent), cigarettes (165.88 percent), gas prices for the first quarter (108.38 percent), diesel (102.84 percent), tea (94.60 percent), bananas (89.84 percent), and rice irri-6/9 (81.51 percent).

The SPI for the current week showed a 1.80% increase from the previous week, with broken rice accounting for 81.22 percent, petrol accounting for 81.17 percent, eggs accounting for 79.56 percent, pulse moong accounting for 68.64 percent, potatoes accounting for 57.21 percent, and Increase from week to week Over the course of the week, there were significant price increases for tomatoes (71.77 percent), wheat flour bag 20 kg (42.32 percent), potatoes (11.47 percent), bananas (11.07 percent), tea lipton yellow label (7.34 percent), and rice basmati broken (2.50 percent).



Weekly Inflation pakistan On the other hand, the prices of chicken (8.14 percent), chili powder national 200 gm packet each (2.31%), LPG (1.31%), mustard oil (1.99%), garlic (1.99%), pulse gram (1.06%), and onions (1.06%) decreased.


In order to examine the country’s price situation and assess the price movement of essential commodities at shorter intervals, the SPI is calculated weekly. SPI is made up of 51 essential items that were gathered from 50 markets in 17 cities across the nation.



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