Who is Mira Murthi, The New Head of ChatGPT OpenAI?

Who is Mira Murthi, The New Head of ChatGPT OpenAI?
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A statement released by OpenAI said that Chief Technology Officer Mira Murthi is being given the responsibility as the interim CEO. Apart from this, a permanent CEO is also being sought for this post.

Mira Murthi has played an important role in the creation of AI. He is also the brain behind creating ChatGPT. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also praised Mira Murthi in an article written in Time magazine. Let’s know about Mira Murthi in detail.

Who is Mira Murthi?

Mira murthi was born in Albania and raised in Canada. She studying at Dartmouth College, According to media reports, his parents are Indian origin. he demonstrated his mechanical engineering skills by building a hybrid racing car. Mira Murti has also worked in aerospace, automotive, virtual reality (VR) and AR. He then joined Elon Musk’s Tesla as a senior product manager. Murthi was associated with Leap Motion, a VR company. Here he focused on implementing AI experiments.

Expressing concern over misuse of Chat GPT

Mira Murti was promoted to CTO of OpenAI in 2022. While giving an interview to the Times magazine, he expressed concern over misuse of Chat GPT. After that, he was also praised on social media. Mira Murti is fluent in three languages ​​Italian, Albanian and English. Murthy joined OpenAI in 2018 managing the supercomputing strategy and research team. Last year he was given the responsibility of looking after the distribution of ChatGPT.

It should be mentioned that the board of directors of the well-known artificial intelligence company OpenAI fired Sam Altman. The board of directors of the company has declared Sam Altman not safe to lead the organization due to his inability to fulfill his responsibilities as a result of closed communication.

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The OpenAI company pioneered artificial intelligence around the world by creating the ChatGPT bot, 38-year-old Sam also became a spokesperson for the emerging industry.

In this year 2023, he presented himself before Congress to testify about the new laws of artificial intelligence, Sam Altman wrote on social media that he had a good time at the company.

Sam further wrote that the board’s decision has changed me personally, I have loved working with the most talented people and will discuss what they will do next The board of the company expresses appreciation for Sam Altman’s contributions, but they also think new leadership is necessary at this time. The announcement from the company sent shockwaves through the artificial intelligence community as board members stated they no longer trusted Sam to lead OpenAI.




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