The Biggest World Cup Controversies From Toss to Allegations of Pitch Changes.

World Cup Controversies Toss controversy pitch changes

The biggest and last match of the ICC Men’s World Cup will take place on November 19 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad between the host country India and  Australia.

The Australia team is winning straight game after losing the First two Matches, while the Indian team has won ten of ten matches and is unbeaten throughout the entire competition. By defeating the NewZealand in the semifinals, you were able to go to the final.

World Cup Controversies A number of other issues also surfaced during the competition in India. To start, Pakistani media and spectators were denied visas for an extended period of time, and Pakistani journalists and spectators were absent from the tournament’s first practice matches.

Claim to use special ball for India

Former Pakistan cricket player Hassan Raza, asserted in a private program that India is using a unique ball for the competition, while other countries are using a different ball. Refusing to acknowledge that the umpire has the balls used for every match, so please don’t make fun of Pakistan in front of the entire the world.

Blame the pitch changes

During the Cricket World Cup, another controversy came to the fore regarding pitch fixing and the British media reported in their report that the pitches of various venues were changed without informing the ICC officials and the ICC officials in India were also concerned about this. Expressing that this matter seems to be done to benefit the host team.

In this regard, the ICC had to issue a formal explanation and the world cricket body issued a statement on the change of pitch in the semi-final played between India and New Zealand, saying that the World Cup is a long event and the change of pitch is a normal thing. , the event has seen pitch changes several times before.

Toss controversy

After that, another former Pakistani cricketer Sikandar Bakht shared a video of the toss during the World Cup matches on social media, in which he tagged the Indian Cricket Board and the ICC in addition to the Pakistan Cricket Board. The question was asked why the Indian captain threw the coin so far each time for the toss that the captain of the opposing team could not see whether the coin came up ‘head’ or ‘tail’.

Which coin is used for toss?

Any coin can be used for the toss but usually the coin of the country where the match is taking place is used for the toss.

Aqib Javed accuses BCCI of toss rigging

Later, former Pakistan fast bowler and Pakistan Super League team Lahore Qalandars head coach Aqib Javed also expressed his concerns and alleged that BCCI rigged the toss in favor of India in every match of the World Cup.

Wasim Akram’s opinion

However, Wasim Akram, the former captain of the Pakistan cricket team, said that who decides where the coin should fall? I am so embarrassed, I cannot even comment on this matter.

What do match referees say about coin toss?

In this regard, a match referee included in the PCB panel told Geo News on the condition of anonymity that in the two-nation series, the captain of the host team tosses the coin for the toss, but if there is an ICC event. So the decision to throw the toss is made according to the schedule prepared at the time of draw i.e. ICC prepares the schedule together with the host country and the captain of the team whose name is first in the draw will toss the coin for the toss.

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