Wife killed for not buying fruit for Iftar

Cairo: Believe! A young man in Egypt killed his wife simply because she did not buy fruits and dried fruits for Iftar, causing a wave of outrage across the country.

According to Al-Arabiya.net, a prominent broadcasting organization of the Gulf, 20-year-old nurse Fatima Saeed was stabbed to death by her husband, Muhammad Hatim al-Khouli, in Egypt. They were married about six months ago and were nurses by profession.

With reference to local websites, the broadcasting organization has said that Fatima Saeed had demanded money from her husband for the purchase of Iftar, which was not fulfilled, so she did not buy fruits and dry fruits from the market. Her husband killed her.

According to media reports, the deceased Fatima Saeed worked as a nurse in the children’s department at Abul Reish Hospital in Cairo, and lived in the district of Gaza Governorate with her 20-year-old husband.

The police have arrested Hatim, while according to a website, the victim’s husband has admitted that he stabbed her, then he took her to the hospital for first aid, but she could not survive and died. . Wife killed for not buying fruit for Iftar

The victim’s parents have confirmed to the members of the security services that their daughter was suffering from her husband’s greed since her marriage, he used to interfere unnecessarily, beat her and when her daughter was killed. So it was also hidden.




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