Adil Raja, a former army officer, non-bailable arrest warrants issued

Adil Raja

RAWALPINDI – A Pakistani court gave a non-bailable Arrest warrant against previous military official Major (r) Adil Raja after he skirted hearing for cases stopped under segments connected with criminal terrorizing and break of trust.

According to local media accounts, Adil Raja, who is well-known for running his YouTube channel, is accused of stealing millions of dollars’ worth of property and making threats.


Common adjudicator Muhammad Shahab gave the warrants after a body of evidence was enlisted against Adil Raja at the Banni police headquarters.

Additionally, the District and Sessions Court in Rawalpindi directed the authorities to freeze his assets, which included two-wheelers, cars, and plots in high society.


In response to the most recent development, Raja asserted that no one can undo what Allah has written in his destiny. In another post, he also dialed his tirade against powerful people.


Over the past few months, Adil Farooq Raja, a retired major in the Pakistan Army, has become a social media celebrity. Adil Raja was born in Peshawar in 1978 to Major (Retired) Umar Farooq Raja, an officer in the Pakistan Army, and his mother.



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