Wild animal entered the Parliament house

Parliament house Wild animal

This is the Parliament House where the wild animal entered. The wild animal entered several offices and caused some damage

The wild animal can be seen entering Parliament House offices in a viral social media video. The staff is additionally stressed over the wild creature going into the Parliament House.


The staff at Parliament House claim that this animal is extremely dangerous and has damaged several Parliamentary offices.

But the staff says that the police have caught the wild animal that got into the parliament and will give it to the wildlife department.

It should be noted that the wild animal had also broken into several Parliament House offices yesterday. The occurrence of a wild animal entering the Parliament House came to light once more today.


As per sources, this wild creature is known as a cetacean, which is a little, slim, nighttime creature. This creature is tracked down in the backwoods of Asia and Africa. There are more than a dozen different species of civet. Southeast Asia is home to the majority of its families.



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