How did a young Ahmed Yar Humayun aspiring lawyer lose 100 kg to wear a black coat?

Ahmed Yar Humayun
Source: Photo Arab News

Ahmed Yar Humayun from Quetta lost a surprising 165 kg weight to wear a lawyer’s black coat.

It is common for most lawyers to wear a black coat, which is considered the attorney’s uniform.

It was hard work for Ahmed Yar Humayun to fit into this particular suit as he lost 100 kilograms in 20 months to fit into the black coat and fulfill his dream.

Ahmad Yar told Arab News in an interview that ‘when I was studying law in 2020, my friends used to talk about the professional black uniform of lawyers, but such things made me very depressed, thinking that How will I wear this uniform with a weight of 165 kg? ‘

I was very interested in becoming a lawyer, the turning point in my life for this profession came when I managed to lose 100 kg to wear the black uniform,” he said.

Ahmed Yar Humayun’s weight increased abnormally when he was only 5 years old, he gained so much weight that he was finding it extremely difficult to walk, being obese by his friends in class and neighborhood children. It was not easy for Ahmed to make fun of and bear the sarcasm.

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Humayun Saber, Ahmed’s father, told Arab News in an interview that “some of his friends used to make fun of him, classmates and neighborhood boys used to tease him, so we were a little mentally stressed.”

Barrister Muzaffar Azam Imrani, who taught law at the City School of Law in Quetta, recalled that Ahmed’s friends and teachers were worried about his weight because it could have hindered Ahmed’s professional life. Even walking became difficult for Ahmed.

How did Ahmed Yar Humayun lose his weight?

Ahmed’s father said, “Losing weight in today’s society is a difficult task for many people, but Ahmed Yar Humayun has worked hard to achieve his goal and has set an example for us all.”

Although Ahmed’s family consulted several doctors and religious scholars during his weight loss journey, Ahmed lost weight on his own by following a strict diet plan.

To lose weight, Ahmed ate only one meal a day, stopped eating wheat for more than two years, went to the gym for two hours a day and often played badminton.

Ahmed Yar Humayun downloaded a calorie counter application on his mobile phone to keep track of his food intake and also followed a fitness app on his mobile phone and also consulted Facebook and other social media platforms for guidance. received

Ahmad Yar Humayun says that ‘I did all this to achieve one goal, I had a strong desire to wear the black coat of a lawyer one day. ‘

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“I feel lucky to wear a lawyer’s uniform to lose weight and I am always grateful to Allah for helping me achieve my goal,” he said.

At present Ahmed Yar Humayun is a lawyer of the district court of Quetta. Along with Ahmed, his father was also very happy with his son’s success.

His father said that today, when I see my son wearing a lawyer’s uniform going to the court, I am extremely happy.




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