Pakistani people don’t respect us as much as Indian actors, Resham

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Film actress Resham says that what the neighboring country (India) wanted has happened, they have shown their films to us so that perhaps Pakistani people do not respect us as much as they do Indian actors.

Resham recently appeared on Express TV’s The Talk Show, where she spoke about her social media controversies and other topics.

Resham said that in the era when there was no social media, there was peace of mind, now people suffer from torture.

Resham said that people for whom we work with love on TV and till today we give charity to our people, it is these people who force us to commit suicide.

The film actor recalled trolling her in September 2022 when she was feeding fish in the river at Charsadda, as well as throwing plastic into the river.

Resham said that ‘at that time I had thrown only one bag but after the trolling on me I felt like I had thrown the entire world’s garbage into the river. ‘

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At that time, I made a mistake by throwing plastic in the river and admitted this mistake, but still people made my life haram.

Resham laughed and said that ‘after trolling I came to know that I have become famous all over the world, he said that mistakes happen to everyone, we are human beings not angels, human beings are prone to mistakes.’

The actress also elaborated on her statement about depression given in March 2023 when she said that depression has no concept, it is the name of distance from Allah.

Appearing on an Express TV program, Resham apologized for his statement and admitted that depression does happen to humans, but the said statement was his personal opinion.

Resham said that ‘I told my experience to people, I think that whenever I face any problem, it is only Allah who holds me. There were and are and probably will be deprivations, that’s why I have a very close relationship with Allah, I only call on Him in every difficult time.’

Giving an explanation, Resham said that the above was my personal opinion, however, if someone has a mental illness, they must take medicine and consult a doctor.

She said that the statement about depression was from my heart that I think and understand.

Giving further explanation, he said that ‘people whose parents have been victims of accidents in front of their eyes also have depression.’

Resham said that she apologizes for the controversial statement about depression. She said, “If anyone has been hurt by my statement, I apologize. It was not my intention at all. Do not go through illness.’

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Apart from this, while taking the matter forward in the program, the host asked the question to the actress that ‘do you think our people do not give the actors and stars the place and respect they deserve.’

To which Resham said, ‘Yes, it is so, the reason is that we have seen Bollywood movies from the beginning, what the neighboring country wanted has happened, they showed us their movies that maybe the people of Pakistan have so much respect. Ours does not do as much as Indian actors do.’




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