Boxer Aamir Khan apologized to his wife for sending sexual messages to girls

Aamir Khan apologized
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British boxer Aamir Khan apologized to his wife Faryal for sending sexual messages to girls.

The British media, British Pakistani boxers are also considering undergoing therapy to give up bad habits.

It should be noted that boxer Aamir Khan had sent wrong messages to the 25-year-old model. Aamir Khan is afraid that if he does not give up bad habits, then his wife Faryal will not say that “enough is enough”.

It should be remembered that the British media had exposed Aamir Khan’s relationship with the model Sameera, the British media had said that Aamir Khan sent messages to meet the model girl and send pictures and also praised the tattoo, model Sameera also Aamir Khan. Send photos to

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Later, while talking to Geo News, Aamir Khan apologized also admitted to sending messages to model Sameera, but he said that Sameera asked for 20 thousand pounds to fix her hand, on the refusal, the model kept blackmailing me for 20 thousand pounds. , model Samira sold the story for not being blackmailed.





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