Ali Zaidi police custody on three-day physical remand in Fraud case

Karachi: In the fraud case, the physical remand of Sindh Tehreek-e-Insaf President Ali Zaidi for three days was approved by the Karachi local court.In the court of Judicial Magistrate Malir, Ali Zaidi was presented.

During the meeting, legal counselor Ali Zaidi said that no records connected with the offended party’s property have been presented, the offended party has not documented any application starting around 2013, does the police have the power to enlist a case in such cases.

Kray, the offended party case Fazal Elahi has given such a colossal sum, there is no observer, Ali Zaidi ought to be released under Segment 63 of the Crook Code.

Check my record from the FBR, the day I told the, Ali Zaidi stated, “I have never met this man, I don’t know this man, I don’t have that much money.”” while giving a statement in court. Coincidentally, I was not in that frame of mind on that day, this is absolutely counterfeit FIR, as per the character card, the age of the offended party case is 22 years in 2013. Visa was likewise created in the court for Ali Zaidi.

The plaintiff’s attorney stated that Ali Zaidi used to work in real estate, that he is turning this into a case of political retaliation, that he has committed financial murder, and that there ought to be an investigation. I have no idea who else is eating who’s money. Yes, Ali Zaidi ought to be placed in physical custody.


If I take any money, will there be a record, Ali Zaidi said? I should have appeared yesterday, but I did not, and the police did not show up within the required 24 hours, as required by law. There should be a case of forgery against the plaintiff, and action should be taken against the plaintiff.

In the fraud case, the court granted Ali Zaidi a physical remand for three days, turned him over to the police, and denied the request to remove him from the case under Section 63 of the Criminal Code.



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