Apple introduced best MacBook Air and iOS 17

Apple introduced best MacBook Air and iOS 17

American mobile computer technology giant Apple has unveiled MacBook Air Or a number of products at its first and biggest event of 2023, with the company’s virtual reality (VR) headset being praised.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WDC 2023) was held in the US on June 5, in which the company also introduced its updated and new operating system iOS 17.

Several products were presented at the company’s event, but the VR headset offered by the company was the center of attention.

The most important thing about the headset called ‘Vision Pro’ presented by the company is that it has such features, under which the person using it will be able to keep an eye on other people around.

The design of ‘Vision Pro’ is made in such a way that the user’s eyes will also be visible to other people while the user will be able to keep an eye on other people as well.

Apart from this, many prominent features have been added to the headset, under which the users will be able to use many applications in it.

The price of the VR head has been set at 4000 US dollars i.e. 1 million Pakistani rupees and one of the important things is that the film production company Disney will also make special films and web series for this set.

The company also introduced the MacBook Air with 13- and 15-inch screens at the event, which is offered with a 24-core CPU in the M2.

The price of MacBook Air has been set from 1100 to 1300 US dollars and the 15-inch module will cost 1300 US dollars i.e. more than 3 lakh 72 thousand Pakistani rupees.

photo: company

The company also unveiled the operating system iOS 17 at the event, which has added several new features.

According to the company, in addition to security features, other features have also been enhanced in iOS 17.

In the new operating system, users will now be able to convert voice calls to messages and listen to received messages as audio.

 Also, under iOS 17, users will now be able to create different emojis and digital avatars for all the numbers and also give different icons and colors to each number.

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During the event, the company also introduced AirPods and watches, while software updates for iPhones and MacBooks were also announced.




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