China operating spy base in Cuba: US official

 spy base in Cuba
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Joe Biden’s administration officials say China has been operating a spy base in Cuba since 2019 as part of Beijing’s effort to improve its intelligence-gathering capabilities globally.


According to the “Associated Press” news agency, an official of the Biden administration said on condition of anonymity that the American intelligence community has been aware of China’s espionage from Cuba and intelligence gathering operations around the world for some time. A major effort has been reported.

President Joe Biden’s administration has stepped up its efforts to thwart Chinese espionage operations. Washington believes it has made some progress in this regard through diplomacy and other initiatives.

The presence of China’s spy base was confirmed when the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that China and Cuba had agreed to an agreement to establish an electronic airdropping station.

According to the report, China plans to give billions of dollars in cash to spy base in Cuba, which is suffering from financial difficulties, as part of the negotiations.

The White House has said that the Wall Street Journal report is not true.

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told MSNBC on Thursday that he had seen the press report, but it was not true.

According to him, the Biden administration has been concerned about China’s influence activities around the world since day one. Certainly the hemisphere and the region are watching it very closely.

According to AP, the administration official said that the US intelligence community had determined that Chinese espionage from Cuba was a matter that should be kept under constant watch, but there were no new developments.

Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Fernandez de Cosio denied the report on social media on Saturday.

President Joe Biden’s national security team was briefed by the intelligence community on several sensitive Chinese efforts around the world shortly after the president took office in January 2021.

According to a Biden administration official, China was considering expanding logistics and infrastructure as part of the People’s Liberation Army’s efforts to expand its influence.

In this regard, the Chinese authorities have taken into account the locations extending to the Atlantic Ocean, Latin America, the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and the Indo-Pacific.

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 According to AP, the official said that China upgraded its espionage operations in spy base in Cuba in 2019.

It should be noted that in recent years, tension has been seen between the US and China over many security issues, including Taiwan.

Information from the Associated Press has been included in this report.




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