Denmark Adopts Law Against Desecration Holy Quran

Denmark Adopts Law Against Desecration Holy Quran

Denmark’s parliament has passed a law criminalizing the desecration and desecration of religious scriptures, including the Holy Quran, and punishable by up to two years in prison.

According to the agencies AFP and Reuters, desecration Holy Quran, particularly the Quran and the Holy scrolls have continued for years in Denmark, against which the Muslin countries strongly object and these countries demand an immediate termination of the series  Demanded to stop.

The Prohibition of improper handling for scriptures of religious nature passed after the vote which garnered 94 as Yes for 68 Noes on 179-member LokSabha. 

“It is necessary now to better secure the security of Denmark and its citizens because these are insults to Denmark over a very long period”, as said by Justice Minister Peter Himmelgaard.

Public burning, tearing or trampling upon the holy books or written material would become forbidden. After a period of 3 days they shall pass examination with subsequent penalisation either by fine or imprisonment lasting up to 2 years. 

The Associated Press notes that a work of art is considered intact even when slightly desecrated unless the whole work or the display of artistic talent is part of it.

The burning of the Desecration Holy Quran in Denmark became a matter of global concern among the Muslims because the incident involved desecrations.

This year, in July, at the will of the ardent clergyman Muqtada al-Sadr, a group of about 1,000 protesters attempted to walk toward the Danish embassy inside the area of the Green Zone in Baghdad.

Considering the deteriorating security situation in Denmark has briefly increased border security but as of 22nd August it is back to normal.

Records from the police show that in just three months; Denmark had a total of four hundred and eighty-three cases of book or flag burning; between July 21 and October 24 in this year.

However, the implementation of the bill became problematic as it was accused of limiting on freedom of expression following which, the bill was amended.

Politicians, artists, media and those who stand for freedom of expression expressed their discontent with the original project because, in fact, this resembles the repealed Danish blasphemy law abolished in 2017.

Likewise, Sweden has proposed some legal limitations on Desecration Holy Quran desolation; however, it follows a different path compared with Denmark.

Denmark is pondering if there should be consideration of national safety in decisions about demands of public protest made by police.

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