Facebook and Messenger end-to-end encryption feature launch


Facebook and Messenger end-to-end encryption feature launch

CALIFORNIA: According to Meta, an automatic full-stack cryptography  Messenger end-to-end encryption feature has been introduced for secret conversation on Facebook as well as Messenger chat.

Essentially, these are privatized emails and thus, this type of mailing is confidential. If someone sees this message as offensive and sends an alert report about it, a third party will view it. According to meta, this feature will create online privacy and security for users. However, such governments and law enforcement agencies oppose these end-to-end encryption feature technologies.

According to the company, this technology will impair its efforts to shield children from online sexual abuse. Bronnen According to Meta, full deployment of this end-to-end encryption feature is expected in a matter of months. The provision of this new feature will as well be extended to the Instagram in the short-term period.

It is important to mention that recently there was a report that Meta, which owns the social medial network, plans to shut down the messaging function between Facebook and Instagram for users. Meta launched a cross-app messaging in 2020. However, this program was launched in 2019.

In his words an official statement made by Metta then was that all these are being merged into one interface – an opportunity for people on Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook and Messenger to interact with each other seamlessly.

Originally, meta came into being as an inter-application messaging facility for Instagram and Messenger which is no longer the case. On the Instagram Help Center page, users have been informed that cross messaging will not exist from mid-December 2023.

Despite that, the company did not reveal why they were making decisions; however, in its Google report, the company suggested this might be because of the Digital Market Act originating from the European Union.

However, due to the DMA policy, companies will have to enable mobile portability of chat, afterwards the users can chat with friends in any messaging app like WhatsApp with other applications including Telegram and Signal, among others.

There were also reports that WhatsApp was test aird third-party chat feature, in September; META might introduce chat portability for META in the futureDMA Act, under the statute. The effective date of the DMA Act is March 6, 2024.

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