FBR freezes 13 bank accounts of PIA

FBR freezes 13 bank accounts of PIA
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KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue FBR freezes 13 bank accounts of PIA Pakistan International Airlines .

FBR authorities say that 13 bank accounts of PIA have been frozen while taking action on the non-payment of 8 billion rupees Federal Excise Duty (FED). 

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According to the FBR officials, they have also decided to file an FIR against the PIA officials for not depositing the FED, despite opening the accounts last month, the money was not deposited.

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The spokesperson of PIA said in this regard that the flight operations of PIA will not be affected due to account freezing, there is communication at the government level, PIA accounts will be restored soon.

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It should be remembered that FBR had frozen all the accounts of PIA earlier too, but later after negotiations, all the accounts of the national airline were restored.




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